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Hospital Medical Records

Hospitals of many sizes and types are using imagize™ cloud document imaging to improve health care and reduce document management expenses. Hospital Medical Records that were once in paper are easily converted to high-quality digital patient records and made available 24/7 through our robust imagize health care portal. Hosted in HIPAA compliant and SSAE 18 certified environments, your digital records secure for viewing, printing or direct outbound fax. Once in imagize, your charts are available for into your existing Electronic Health Record system by utilizing our secure export and transfer utility. imagize provides a secure and easy way to access every document of an older paper chart for a complete electronic health care patient record.

Inpatient, Outpatient, & ER Visits

Versatile and Robust

  • High-speed Capture of Paper Charts
  • Multiple Ways to Archive Charts
  • Index by Date of Service, Tab or Bulk File
  • Inpatient, Outpatient and ER Visits
  • Auto-populates Patient Data
  • Manages Your Clinic Charts
  • Chart Request Feature

imagize Chart Request Feature for Off-site Charts

Storing Paper Charts Off-Site?

Many healthcare organizations contract through third-party record storage services for storing older paper charts. When a chart is requested, the file pull, transportation and re-filing is expensive and delays often occur at the most inopportune times. imagize™ streamlines communication from your facility to the record storage facility and expedites this process saving you valuable time and money. From the imagize portal, simply click on the Chart Request Feature and complete the request form. Indicate the urgency of the request (when you need the file) and a secure notification is sent from imagize to the record storage facility. The chart is pulled, scanned and uploaded to your imagize portal and available securely online.

Request Off-Site Chart

  1. Log into imagize
  2. Select “Request” Feature
  3. Add Patient Info.
  4. Indicate When you Need The Chart
  5. Create Request

Record Storage Service

  1. Receives Request Notification
  2. Pulls Chart
  3. Scans & Uploads the Chart
  4. Either Refiles or Shreds the Paper
  5. Chart is Digital and Ready in imagize!
imagize for healthcare

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