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Medical Services

imagize™ Cloud Document Imaging for Medical Services keeps your health records organized, secure and easy to retrieve saving your group time and money over hard copy paper files. Many medical service groups are mobile, delivering health care services, equipment and supplies to patients and other organizations. imagize provides the capability of accessing records anywhere you are connected to the internet improving health care and lowering your document management expenses. Hosted in HIPAA compliant data centers, your digital records are available 24/7 for viewing, printing or direct outbound fax. Quickly scan documents from a mobile document scanner in the field or workstation back at your office keeping health records current and accessible.

imagize for Medical Services

  • Securely Connect to imagize from the Field
  • Access Documents 24/7 to View, Print & Fax
  • Remote Scanning Capability
  • Great for Home Healthcare Organizations
  • Perfect for Medical Equipment and Supply Groups
  • Low One-Time Set-Up and Monthly Service Fee
imagize for healthcare

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