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imagize™ Document Imaging Solutions

imagize™ document imaging solutions provide streamline administrative and clinical work processes and provide efficiency and savings by lowering document management costs. Healthcare organizations generate and manage enormous amounts of information every day. This information is often embedded in unstructured documents that accumulate and can stress operational workflows. Administrative costs for hospitals and healthcare clinics account for more than 25 percent of total expenditures. A large portion of this spending stems from paperwork associated with records, billing, coding and insurance. Between records, billing, patient forms, insurance forms, lab results, internal policies and procedures and numerous other important medical documents, healthcare organizations have a lot to keep track of to ensure the highest quality of patient care.


Capture, Label and Retrieve

imagize is a HIPAA compliant document imaging platform offering document scanning and document workflow capabilities for your business office and medical records areas. imagize is a compliment to your current EHR system in that is handles all of the documents outside of your EHR and still allows quick and easy access to all of your files! Our service plans are affordable and flexible and you choose a plan that best suits your document imaging needs.


Document Capture and Scanning

  • Existing PDF and Tiff documents
  • Use any type of document scanner
  • Capture images from mobile devices
  • Electronic data files

Document Indexing & Retrieval

  • Templates keep your documents organized
  • Key index fields makes it easy to search files
  • Saves time and eliminates misfiled documents
  • Date range search for a collection of files
  • Document workflow for efficient processing
  • Alerts and notifications monitor processing delays

Fits in All Areas of your Business

  • Administration and Finance
  • Billing and RCM
  • Human Resources
  • Legal Department
  • Medical Records and HIM
  • Medical Transportation
  • Facilities Management Areas

Medical Billing Dept & Billing Services

imagize can be used as a secure platform to automate inbound files and workflow documents or to use as a simple document imaging and archiving solution. Our flexible service plans offer options for automating 835 edi files directly from your clearinghouse that converts electronic remittance and EOB data to high-quality digital documents. Digital remits and EOBs are formatted in a standardized layout easy for billing and managing denied claims. Our document workflow feature is powerful and routes documents to work queues based on reason codes for immediate attention and real-time processing by your users saving time and improving your cash flow.

  • Document Workflow with Work Queues
  • 835 EDI File Conversion to Digital Imaging
  • Denied Claim Identification and Tracking
  • Scan and Document Archive Solution
  • Subscription Based (SaaS) Pricing Model

imagize Cloud Fax Solution

imagize offers a secure, cloud-based digital fax solution for health records and business documents. Our digital fax solution is powered by Concord Technologies, an industry leader in document faxing for health care organizations across the U.S. as well as internationally. Cloud fax can be standalone or integrated directly into your EHR providing savings by eliminating redundant steps and allowing improved response to patient inquiries and referrals.

  • Secure Inbound and Outbound Faxing
  • User and Group Based Faxing
  • HIPAA Compliant, Secure IT Network
  • Redundant Data Centers 99.9% Delivery
  • Feature-Rich and Scales to Demand Easily
  • Subscription-Based (SaaS) Pricing Model

Cloud Fax EHR Integration

  • Secure and HIPAA compliant
  • Eliminate scanning faxed documents
  • A “watch” folder monitors inbound faxes
  • Create coversheets for referrals, ROI, etc.
  • Fast and efficient for a complete patient record

Cloud Fax for ROI

  • Seamless inbound fax to specific users
  • 24/7 Availability to meet tight turnarounds
  • Secure for patient confidentiality
  • Auto redial for busy sends
  • Robust network connectivity

Cloud Fax for Business Office

  • Individual or group fax queues
  • Secure to ensure confidentiality
  • Fax cover templates for ease-of-use
  • Desktop and production-scale options
  • Automate outbound faxing

Document Scanning Equipment and Services

imagize can help you with your document scanning equipment, software and scanning service needs. We partner with industry leaders and provide the absolute best-of-breed solutions for your process of scanning paper files into your imagize document imaging solution or EHR system. We welcome your inquires and are eager to help and with any questions you may have in these areas.

Document Scanning Equipment

  • Business-scale document scanners
  • Front-desk and card scanners
  • Departmental scanners
  • Production-scale scanners
  • Installation, training and warranty options

Document Scanning Software

  • Industry leaders in document capture
  • Single and multiple licenses
  • Scales to the speed of your scanner
  • Superb image enhancement features
  • Barcode and OCR read capabilities
  • Color and black & white scanning

Document Scanning Services

  • Professional document scanning service
  • On-site and off-site service options
  • Production-scale pricing
  • Full service for prep, scan and indexing
  • Secure document destruction services
  • Secure, confidential and high-quality services
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