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Scanning Tips

These “two tips” will save you time and money with document scanning!

Tired of flipping pages and making sure they are facing in the same direction?  How about the tedious and time-consuming task of removing blank backsides of pages?  Check your scanner software settings for the following options that save you time and money by correcting the image orientation and removing blank backsides of documents.

  1. Auto-Orientation:  A feature that will position your images in the proper direction.  For pages were printed for the old clipboards in which you’d flip the page to continue writing progress notes, etc. these cause issues with scanning.  The “auto-orientation” feature properly positions the image for correct reading (orientation) on your screen for easy viewing, faxing and printing capabilities.

2. Remove (or skip) Blank Backsides: A feature that will automatically remove or delete (at the time of scanning or processing) any pages that are blank.  The setting is configurable and you can set the degree in which the software senses information.   The software isn’t however “reading” the page to determine whether the information is valid or not, rather determining the percentage of “pixels” or line areas and determining if there’s enough pixel population to either save the image or discard the image (page).

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