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Health Records

imagize™ digital repository for digital health records improves patient care and lowers costs by providing quick access to all of your patients’ past medical records. Hosted in HIPAA compliant and SSAE 18 certified environments, medical records that were once in paper files are made available through our robust and secure healthcare portal. Whether you are a large healthcare system, hospital, clinic network or non-profit organization, imagize scales to fit your needs for a “complete” health record file for each of your patients.

For All Types of Systems

imagize works alongside any type and brand of EHR making it easy to implement and cost-effective to use. Choose from a variety of file templates for hospitals, clinics, and specialty healthcare groups.


  • Works alongside your EHR system
  • Easily manages archived patient charts
  • Query documents by type and date range
  • Organizes file by MR#, patient name, and DOB
  • Instant access and retrieval, no misfiles or refiles
  • Fast and efficient ROI processes
imagize for healthcare


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