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Release of Information

Release of information with imagize makes the ROI process faster and easier. With the implementation of electronic health records (EHRs), healthcare systems are expected to deliver information faster than ever to meet mandated delivery of care guidelines. What used to be a rather simple process is now complicated by fragmented patient charts residing in multiple EHRs and hard copy medical records. imagize simplifies this process by utilizing a powerful digital repository for collecting, creating and delivering accurate and complete ROI documents.

Quickly Locate Documents

imagize works alongside of your EHR system and applies metadata to patient records for easy retrieval of specific release documents. Maintain accuracy and file integrity by locating types of documents within a specific date range. imagize stores digital documents from your EHR system, digital fax, and scanned paper charts for easy review and processing.


  • Quickly locate and assemble ROI documents
  • Manages the status on each release
  • Applies appropriate charges and fees
  • Process on time and avoid costly delays

Assemble on-the-Fly

Use imagize to quickly build and create release documents on the fly. Simple to append and merge documents for a complete and accurate release document that can be printed or directly faxed via our secure outbound fax feature.

imagize allows us to create, process and deliver ROI requests quickly and accurately saving us valuable time and providing responsive, high-quality services to our healthcare clients.

Jeff F.

President, ARM Services

imagize for healthcare


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