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Scanning Projects – Hiring a Temp Staff

by | Sep 18, 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

There are logical options regarding the labor to convert your paper files into digital images for your document imaging system.  One option is to work with a temporary staffing agency for general clerical and document scanning work.  You’ll need to staff for document preparation, scanning and data indexing and each of these steps require different skills and experience.

Temporary staff provides flexibility to “gear up” for bigger, more time sensitive projects and also allows you to easily trim back on staff as you get caught up, or for “low priority” projects.  imagize for health care can work with you and help with developing a scanning process that makes sense for your project so you can staff accordingly.

Temp Staff Benefits:

  • Skill and Security Screening
  • Flexible Work Hours
  • No Long-Term Commitment
  • Temp-to-Direct Hire Possibility
  • Work Load-Based Availability
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